Core Values

At Unique Micro Design, We don’t merely sell hardware, software and services to customers. We resolve their problems.

In many cases, solving very tough and challenging problems that our dedicated and diverse team of skilled professionals address with a ‘can do attitude’.

We are passionate about designing innovative solutions utilizing our expertise in ‘engineering IoT solutions’.

Our solutions are for customers who are seeking a point of difference that is relativity distinct to other competitors and understand that technological innovations will help them succeed.

To help drive and continue our customer success; we become part of their team to consistently meet and exceed expected results. 


What Business we in?

Since 1983 Unique Micro Design (UMD) has been solving customers needs for productivity improvement by adding real time visibility and control to software. We use Edgeware, IoT and our engineering IoT solutions skills, which accurately reflects our Unique ability to:

  • Design and manufacture IoT devices and interface electronics
  • Source and integrate ICT products from our agencies
  • Support through our professional, engineering, software and support services.

In simple terms we add eyes and ears to software.


UMD Adding Eyes & Ears to Software

For more information on our company and projects, please refer to our customer handbook

How we can help you

Access Control
Enterprise/Industry For Software
Point of Service
Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Our Team

Geoffery Ramadan
Managing Director
Geoffery Ramadan

Geoffrey Ramadan, B.Eng.(Elec), Specializing in microprocessor systems and electronics graduated from Monash University in 1981.


In 1983, Geoffrey founded Unique Micro Design (UMD) and became its lead solution architect and Managing Director, and is supported by a highly skilled team of engineering and software professionals.


Geoffrey always looks towards the future, with new technology and innovations.

Harry Ramadan
Chief Technical Officer
Harry Ramadan

Harry Ramadan, BSc(hons), Grad Dip Computer Studies, is Unique Micro Design’s CTO and a founding director. Harry specializes in research and development and project management.


Harry has been instrumental in bringing numerous hardware and software products and projects from idea to commercial reality since 1983. He also founded and manages


“Less is More

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On March the 22nd we officially launched UMD Smart Stock at the GS1 exposition here in Melbourne. We received great feedback and reviews.

We are excited to see where this product can go and the difference it can make into the retail world.


To read more information on what the  UMD Smart Stock is about.